The Pro’s and Con’s of Being a Mechanic


  • You can work on your own vehicles, saving you mechanic bills.
  • With experience you can earn good money.
  • Being able to work on something that is ‘your passion’.
  • Possible discounts on car parts for personal use.
  • Being able to help friends and family with their cars.
  • As technology changes and car models are revamped you will always be learning new things.
  • You may be allowed access to use the garage equipment for your own car.
  • You will not be stuck in an office or have to worry about smart dress code etc.
  • There will always be cars that need repairing so there is relatively good job security.
  • You can choose a specialist field if you would like to learn/earn more.
  • Variety – in most places you will always be working on different vehilces and doing different tasks.


  • Working long and often unsociable hours.
  • Cold working environment in winter.
  • Tools are expensive to buy/large initial outlay.
  • Dirty working environment.
  • Always being asked to look at, repair or help with friends/relatives cars.
  • If you work in a large ‘fast fit’ type company you may end up doing repetative tasks daily such as services.
  • Having to deal with difficult customers.
  • Low pay whilst you are training.