How Much do Mechanics Earn?

If you are going to train as a mechanic on an apprenticeship scheme then the minimum wage you can expect is £2.50 per hour (from October 2010), or the current National Minimum Wage after your first year of training is complete and you are over 19 years of age.

Many employers will pay you more than this however, and some will increase your pay as you gain qualifications.

As a guide for a 40 hour week on the apprentice minimum wage of £2.50 per hour you will earn approximately £5200 a year. Generally apprentice/trainee mechanics will earn between £5200 and £10,000 per year depending on existing qualifications and experience.

When qualified you can typically expect to earn between £13,000 and £20,000 per year depending on location, hours and experience. There is a potential to earn up to £30,000 and sometimes higher as you become more experienced and/or become specialised in a certain area.