Knowledge of Support for Job Roles in the Automotive Work Environment

Unit Reference Number:     T/601/6175

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1understand key organisational structures, functions and roles within the automotive work environment1.1identify the purpose of different sections of a typical automotive work environment
1.2explain organisational structures and lines of communication within the automotive work environment
1.3explain levels of responsibility within specific job roles in automotive workplace. To include:

a. trainee
b. skilled technician
c. supervisor
d. manager

2understand the importance of obtaining, interpreting and using information in order to support their job role within the automotive work environment2.1explain the importance of different sources of information in a automotive work environment.
2.2explain how to find, interpret and use relevant sources of information
2.3describe the main legal requirements relating to the vehicle, including road safety requirements
2.4explain the importance of working to recognised procedures and processes
2.5explain when replacement units and components must meet the manufacturers’ original equipment specification.
2.6explain the purpose of how to use identification codes
3understand the importance of different types of communication within the automotive work environment3.1explain where different methods of communication would be used within the automotive environment
3.2explain the factors which can determine your choice of communication.
3.3explain how the communication of information can change with the target audience to include uninformed and informed people
4understand communication requirements when carrying out vehicle repairs in the automotive work environment4.1explain how to report using written and verbal communication.
4.2explain the importance of documenting information relating to work carried out in the automotive environment
4.3explain the importance of working to agreed timescales
5understand how to develop good working relationships with colleagues and customers in the automotive workplace5.1describe how to develop positive working relationships with colleagues and customers
5.2explain the importance of developing positive working relationships
5.3explain the importance of accepting other peoples’ views and opinions.
5.4explain the importance of making and honouring realistic commitments to colleagues and customers.