Why Train as a Mechanic?

Out of all the occupations from a dentist to an actor, a nurse to a factory worker, there is such a massive variety of jobs to pick from, why should you decide to train as a Mechanic?

Well with over 30,000,000 (yes that’s 30 Million!) cars on our roads in this country alone we are always going to need them repaired, checked and confirmed to be safe!

Also you don’t need to have a university degree to become a mechanic and in fact you may be choosing a safer job choice in the current economical climate.  Some students who studied for years at universities to become computer programmers or accountants are increasingly finding their jobs given to cheaper foreign workers when their potential employers decided to outsource jobs to distant countries to save money!

But that can’t happen with careers such as a Mechanic, you can’t have your car virtually fixed over the internet or got told down the phone how to fix it yourself.  We are always going to need Mechanics who are there to physically look at our vehicles with their in depth knowledge and experience to get our cars going again so we can continue with our lives.