Knowledge of Inspecting Light Vehicles Using Prescribed Methods

Unit Reference Number:     H/601/3742

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1Understand how to carry out inspections on light vehicle using prescribed methods1.1Explain the difference between the various prescribed light vehicle inspection methods to include:

a. pre-work
b. post-work
c. pre-delivery
d. maintenance inspection (brake, seasonal and tyre)

1.2Identify the different systems to be inspected when using the prescribed inspection methods
1.3Identify the procedures involved in carry out the systematic inspection of the prescribed inspection methods on light vehicles
1.4Identify correct conformity of vehicle systems and condition on light vehicles inspections
1.5Compare test and inspection results against light vehicle specification and legal requirements
1.6Explain how to record and complete the inspection results in the format required
1.7Identify the recommendations that can be made based on results of the light vehicle inspections
1.8Explain the implications of failing to carry out light vehicle inspections activities correctly
1.9Explain the implications of signing workplace documentation and vehicle records
1.10Explain the procedure for reporting cosmetic damage to light vehicle components and units outside normal inspection items