Knowledge of how to Identify and Agree Motor Vehicle Customer Service Needs

Unit Reference Number:     R/601/6247

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1understand legislative and organisational requirements and procedures1.1describe the fundamental legal requirements of current consumer legislation and the consequences of their own actions in respect of this legislation
1.2describe the content and limitations of company and product warranties for the vehicles dealt with by their company
1.3explain the limits of their own authority for accepting vehicles
1.4explain the importance of keeping customers informed of progress
1.5describe their workplace requirements for the completion of records
1.6explain how to complete and process all the necessary documentation
2understand how to communicate and care for customers2.1explain how to communicate effectively with customers
2.2describe how to adapt your language when explaining technical matters to non-technical customers
2.3explain how to use effective questioning techniques
2.4describe how to care for customers and achieve customer satisfaction
3understand company products and services3.1describe the range of options available to resolve vehicle problems
3.2describe the range and type of services offered by their company
3.3explain the effect of resource availability upon the receipt of customer vehicles and the completion work
3.4explain how to access costing and work completion time information