Competency in Supporting Job Roles in the Automotive Work Environment

Unit Reference Number:     K/601/6366

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1be able to work effectively within the organisational structure of the automotive work environment1.1respond promptly and willingly to requests for assistance from customers and colleagues
1.2refer customers and colleagues to the correct person should requests fall outside their responsibility and capability
2be able to obtain and use information in order to support their job role within the automotive work environment2.1select and use legal and manufacturers information, in an automotive work environment.
3be able to communicate with and support colleagues and customers effectively within the automotive work environment3.1use methods of communication with customers and colleagues which meet their needs
3.2give customers and colleagues accurate information
3.3make requests for assistance from or to customers and colleagues clearly and courteously
3.4report any anticipated delays in completion to the relevant persons promptly.
4be able to develop and keep good working relationships in the automotive work environment4.1contribute to team work by initiating ideas and co-operating with customers and colleagues
4.2treat customers and colleagues in a way which shows respect for their views and opinions
4.3make and keep achievable commitments to customers and colleagues
4.4inform colleagues promptly of anything likely to affect their own work