Skills in Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices used in the Automotive Environment

Unit Reference Number:     Y/601/6279

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1be able to select, maintain and use and hand tools and measuring devices in the automotive environment1.1Select, maintain and use suitable hand tools safely when fabricating and fitting in the automotive workplace
1.2Select, maintain and use suitable measuring devices safely when fabricating and fitting in the automotive environment
1.3Select, maintain and use suitable PPE for fabrication, repair and fitting in the automotive environment.
1.4Select, maintain and use suitable electrical measuring tools safely when repairing vehicles and components
2be able to prepare and use common workshop equipment2.1Use suitably maintained workshop equipment safely
2.2use correct interpretation of ‘safe working load’ on lifting and supporting equipment.
2.3report any faulty or damaged tools and equipment to the relevant persons clearly and promptly.
2.4store work tools and equipment in a safe manner which permits ease of access and identification for use.
3be able to select materials when fabricating, modifying and repairing vehicles and fitting components3.1select and use appropriate materials whilst constructing, fitting, modifying or repairing vehicles and components.
4be able to apply automotive engineering, fabrication and fitting principles when modifying and repairing vehicles and components4.1use correct procedures when:a. filing, b. tapping threadsc. cutting plastics and metalsd. drilling plastics and metals. efitting
4.2use appropriate techniques when fabricating, repairing and modifying vehicles and components
4.3select and use:

a. gaskets

b. seals

c. sealants

d. fittings and fasteners

4.4apply modification and repair techniques to automotive electrical circuits
4.5select and use locking, fixing and fastening devices