Knowledge of how to Make Learning Possible through Demonstrations and Instruction

Unit Reference Number:     T/601/6242

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1understand the nature and role of demonstrations and instruction1.1classify the separate areas of demonstrations which encourage learning
1.2identify which types of learning are best achieved and supported through demonstrations
1.3explain how to identify and use different learning opportunities
1.4explain how to structure demonstrations and instruction sessions
1.5explain how to choose from a range of demonstration techniques
2understand the principles and concepts of demonstration and instruction2.1describe how to put learners at ease and encourage them to take part
2.2justify the choice between demonstration and instruction as a learning method
2.3explain how to identify individual learning needs
2.4clarify which factors are likely to prevent learning and how to overcome them
2.5explain how to check learners’ understanding and progress
2.6explain how to choose and prepare appropriate materials
2.7explain the separate areas of instructional techniques which encourage learning
2.8describe which types of learning are best achieved and supported through instruction
3understand the external factors influencing human resource development3.1explain how to make sure everybody acts in line with health, safety and environmental protection, legislation and best practice.
3.2analyse developments in technology based learning and new ways of delivery