Competency in Routine Light Vehicle Maintenance

Unit Reference Number:     L/601/3766

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1Be able to work safely when carrying out light vehicle routine maintenance1.1Use suitable personal protective equipment and vehicle coverings throughout all light vehicle routine maintenance activities
1.2Work in a way which minimises the risk of damage or injury to the vehicle, people and the environment
2Be able to use relevant information to carry out the task2.1Select suitable sources of technical information to support light vehicle routine maintenance activities including:a. vehicle technical datab. maintenance proceduresc. legal requirements
2.2Use technical information to support light vehicle inspection activities
3Be able to use appropriate tools and equipment3.1Select the appropriate tools and equipment necessary for carrying out routine maintenance
3.2Ensure that equipment has been calibrated to meet manufacturers’ and legal requirements
3.3Use the correct tools and equipment in the way specified by manufacturers when carrying out routine maintenance
4Be able to carry out light vehicle routine maintenance4.1Carry out light vehicle maintenance using prescribed methods, adhering to the correct specifications and tolerances for the vehicle and following:

a. the manufacturer’s approved inspection methods
b. recognised researched inspection methods
c. health and safety requirements
d. workplace procedures

4.2Carry out adjustments, replacement of vehicle components and replenishment of consumable materials following the manufacturer’s current specification
4.3Ensure the examination methods identify accurately any vehicle system and or component problems falling outside the maintenance schedule are specified.
4.4Ensure any comparison of the vehicle against specification accurately identifies any:

a. differences from the vehicle specification
b. vehicle appearance and condition faults
c. variation from legal requirements

4.5Use suitable testing methods to evaluate the performance of all replaced and adjusted components and systems accurately
4.6Complete all system diagnostic activities within the agreed timescale
5Be able to record information and make suitable recommendations5.1Produce work records that are accurate, complete and passed to the relevant person(s) promptly in the format required
5.2Make suitable and justifiable recommendations for cost effective repairs
5.3Identify and report any expected delays in completion to the relevant person(s) promptly in the format required.
5.4Record and report any additional faults noticed during the course of their work promptly in the format required