Competency in Making Learning Possible through Demonstrations and Instruction

Unit Reference Number:     Y/601/6380

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1be able to demonstrate skills and methods to learners1.1perform demonstrations based on an analysis of the skills needed and the order in which they must be learned
1.2perform demonstrations that are accurate and realistic
1.3perform structured demonstrations so that the learner can get the most out of it
1.4perform demonstrations whilst encouraging learners to ask questions and get explanation at appropriate stages in the demonstration
1.5provide positive feedback to learners whilst they are being given the opportunity to practise the skills that have been demonstrated
1.6perform additional demonstrations of skills being taught to reinforce learning
1.7perform demonstrations in a safe environment which also allows learners to see clearly
1.8respond to the needs of the learners during demonstrations
1.9reduce distractions and disruptions as much as possible
2be able to instruct learners2.1implement instruction which is matched to the needs of learners
2.2use identified learning outcomes which can be achieved through instruction
2.3perform instruction, ensuring that the manner, level and speed of the instruction encourages learners to take part
2.4perform instruction whilst regularly checking that the learners understand and adapt instruction as appropriate
2.5give learners positive feedback on the learning experience and the outcomes achieved
2.6carry out a review with the learners to identify anything that prevented learning and adapt instruction as appropriate