Competency in Identifying and Agreeing Motor Vehicle Customer Service Needs

Unit Reference Number:     K/601/6383

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1be able to obtain relevant information from the customer1.1obtain and interpret sufficient, relevant information, from the customer to make an assessment of their needs.
1.2clarify customer and vehicle needs by referring to vehicle data and operating procedures
2be able to provide relevant information to the customer2.1provide customers with accurate, current and relevant advice and information, in a form that the customer will understand.
2.2demonstrate techniques which encourage customers to ask questions and seek clarification during conversation
3be able to agree work undertaken with the customer3.1summarise and record work agreed with the customer, before accepting the vehicle.
3.2implement confirmation of the agreement by ensuring customer understanding
4be able to ensure recording systems are implemented correctly4.1use recording systems which are accurate and complete, in the required format and signed by the customer where necessary
4.2perform the next stage in the process by passing on completed records to the correct person promptly.
4.3demonstrate correct procedures for customer approval where the contracted agreement is likely to be exceeded.