What Qualifications do I need to be a Mechanic?

From secondary school you are unlikely to be able to study a vocational subject such as mechanics, but you can set yourself up for sixth form or college mechanical courses by gaining GCSEs at grade C or above in Maths, English, Science and preferably Technology.

If you are hoping to become a mechanic through the apprenticeship route check the IMI’s website for the latest information on entry requirements.

From there you can then study mechanics specifically at college with a selection of courses ranging from beginner courses to learn the basics of simple car maintenance and repair to more in depth training to enable you gain full mechanic qualifications.

It’s not just actual qualifications you need to make a good mechanic, you also need skills which you can’t just learn in school or college, such as a good eyesight so you can spot the smallest of details and you will almost always be required to hold a full driving licence or at least be working towards this.

A good memory to store all of the vast mechanical and technical knowledge that is required obviously is something you would struggle without. With so many different makes of cars, all with many different models, types of engines and an almost limitless combination of individual parts, it’s a continual learning process and you will continue with your mechanic training throughout your career.

Having a general level of health and fitness is recommended because of the amount of heavy lifting and manual labour which can be involved in the job.