Knowledge of Routine Light Vehicle Maintenance

Unit Reference Number:     F/601/3716

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1Understand how to carry out routine light vehicle maintenance1.1Explain how to conduct a scheduled light vehicle routine examination and assessment against the vehicle manufacturers specification
1.2Identify the assessment methods used to check for conformity
1.3Identify the different systems to be inspected while carrying out light vehicle routine maintenance

a. engine
b. chassis
c. wheels and tyres
d. transmission and driveline
e. electrical and electronic
f. exterior vehicle body
g. vehicle interior

1.4Describe the procedures used for checking the condition and serviceability of light vehicle units and components
1.5Describe the procedures for checking and replenishing fluid levels
1.6Describe the procedures for checking and replacing lubricants
1.7Identify adjustments that need to be carried out on a light vehicle routine maintenance
1.8Explain the procedure for reporting cosmetic damage to vehicle components and units outside normal service items
1.9. Identify the operating specifications for the systems being checked while carrying out light vehicle routine maintenance
2Understand the importance of carrying out light vehicle maintenance2.1Describe the requirements of correct maintenance in order to maintain the vehicle in a roadworthy and legal condition
2.2. Describe the importance of correct maintenance for warranty purposes