Knowledge of Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment

Unit Reference Number:     D/601/6171

Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria
1understand the correct personal and vehicle protective equipment to be used within the automotive environment1.1explain the importance of wearing the types of PPE required for a range automotive repair activities
1.2identify vehicle protective equipment for a range of repair activities
1.3describe vehicle and personal safety considerations when working at the roadside
2understand effective housekeeping practices in the automotive environment2.1describe why the automotive environment should be properly cleaned and maintained.
2.2describe requirements and systems which may be put in place to ensure a clean automotive environment.
2.3describe how to minimise waste when using utilities and consumables
2.4state the procedures and precautions necessary when cleaning and maintaining an automotive environment.
2.5Describe the selection and use of cleaning equipment when dealing with general cleaning, spillages and leaks in the automotive environment.
2.6describe procedures for correct disposal of waste materials from an automotive environment
2.7describe procedures for starting and ending the working day which ensure effective housekeeping practices are followed
3understand key health and safety requirements relevant to the automotive environment3.1list the main legislation relating to automotive environment health and safety.
3.2describe the general legal duties of employers and employees required by current health and safety legislation
3.3describe key, current health and safety requirements relating to the automotive environment.
3.4describe why workplace policies and procedures relating to health and safety are important
4understand about hazards and potential risks relevant to the automotive environment4.1identify key hazards and risks in an automotive environment
4.2describe policies and procedures for reporting hazards, risks, health and safety matters in the automotive environment.
4.3state precautions and procedures which need to be taken when working with vehicles, associated materials, tools and equipment.
4.4identify fire extinguishers in common use and which types of fire they should be used on
4.5identify key warning signs and their characteristics that are found in the vehicle repair environment.
4.6state the meaning of common product warning labels used in an automotive environment.
5understand personal responsibilities5.1explain the importance of personal conduct in maintaining the health and safety of the individual and others
5.2explain the importance of personal presentation in maintaining health safety and welfare