Tyresafe’s Magnificent 7 Safety Campaign

Tyresafe has recently launched its Magnificent 7 winter tyre safety tips.

Hoping to help motorists stay safe and legal this winter, they have compiled a list of 7 tips with information gathered from industry experts – all drivers need to do is follow their advice for safe driving below 7 degrees.

Their Magnificent 7 tips are:

  1. Make sure your tyres have adequate tread depth to keep you safe and legal by taking the 20p test
  2. Ensure your tyres are properly inflated and checked at least once a month and before any long journeys
  3. Check the condition of your tyres by looking for any lumps, bulges or cracks and remove any objects embedded in the tread
  4. When checking the tread, pressures and condition, don’t forget the spare
  5. Consider fitting winter weather tyres for the whole winter period. At temperatures below 7 degrees C they provide much better safety and grip
  6. Remove wheels or jack the weight off any vehicles’ tyres that will not be used over the winter months such as caravans, horse boxes or motorcycles
  7. Visit your nearest participating tyre dealer for a free tyre safety check