Retail Motor Industry View on Possible MOT Changes

The Retail Motor Industry (RMI) has hit back at recent reports that the government is planning to relax current MOT rules that compel motorists to pay for an annual MOT test.

Reports from Department for Transport (DfT) sources said it was important to review the scheme given the massive improvements in vehicle technology that have taken place over the past 50 years.

The RMI argues that there are safety issues involved in changing the current 3-1-1 system (where the first test takes place after three years and every year after that) to a 3-2-2 test (where the first test takes place after three years and every other year after that).

The DfT has written to stakeholders saying while the MoT was under review this was only a small part of a broader review.

John Ball, RMI MOT chairman said:

“It is positive news that the DfT have still not come to any conclusions on the frequency of MOT testing. The RMI along with other trade colleagues have been engaged with the DfT for some time on the wider issues around the current test and continue to view the review as a positive step. There are many areas of the MOT that could be improved and we have been in discussions with the DfT to air our views on what positive changes could be made.”