Citroen Recalls 20,000 C3 Picassos with Brake Fault

French car maker Citroen has recalled more than 20,000 examples of the C3 Picasso because of a fault with the brakes.

It has been discovered that the car’s brakes can curiously be applied from the passenger foot well.

This is due to a fault with the manufacturing process, during the car’s conversion from left- to right-hand-drive.

Part of the braking mechanism runs below the passenger foot well and is covered by a thin piece of felt, which can be pressed easily by anyone sitting in the front passenger seat and activate the brakes.

Citroen will fit all the affected cars with a brake isolator, though it said there was only a remote possibility of the problem occurring. It is offering the repair to C3 Picasso owners free of charge.

Tim Shallcross of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, added: “Citroen must investigate the problem as a matter of urgency. If the driver’s control of the car can be compromised, they must take action to modify all cars, via a recall if necessary.”