How to Drive Your Car More Economically

With the cost of fuel, insurance and tax on the rise, more and more people are trying to find ways to drive more economically and to reduce the cost of being on the road. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Check Tyres
    Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated, under-inflated tyres create more resistance which makes your engine work harder. Check and adjust your tyres regularly, especially before long journeys and you could use less fuel and also increase the life of your tyres.
  • Remove Excess Weight
    Remove items from your car that don’t need to be there, and take off the roof rack.
  • Direct Route
    plan your journey in advance to work out the most direct route – getting lost is not only frustrating but it wastes fuel as well!
  • Routine Service
    Ensuring your vehicle is serviced regularly and is kept in good condition will ensure it runs more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Sensible Speeds
    You can improve your fuel economy by up to 25% just by driving at 50mph instead of 70mph.
  • Changing Gears
    By changing gears a bit earlier than you normally would you can reduce your fuel usage by reducing the rpm (revs per minute). Try changing up a gear when the rev counter shows 2,500 rpm for petrol cars or 2,000 rpm for diesel.
  • Turn it off
    Don’t leave your engine idling unnecessarily, if you think you are going to stop for more than a couple of minutes, turn it off.
  • Smooth acceleration
    Every time you have to bring your car to a stop and accelerate away you are using more fuel. Slow down earlier when you spot traffic, giving it time to start moving again before you reach it, then you can smoothly accelerate again without stopping at all.
  • Open the window
    Using air conditioning, in car chargers and other electronics uses extra fuel, wind down the window and charge your devices at home.
  • Get Set & Go
    Don’t switch on your car’s engine until you are ready to drive away.